HP Chapter Meeting on 10 October 2017

Notes from the Secretary

The NWA/AMS High Plains Chapter held an in person meeting at the Norton Library on Friday October 27th and began around 11:30 am. There were a total of 12 chapter members that were able to attend this meeting.

The meeting started out with a treasury report with a current balance of about $5,000 in the general fund and about $2800 in the Jim Johnson Scholarship fund. There was a brief discussion on if the chapter can increase the scholarship amount or give out two scholarships in the future. However, Jeff Kelley (treasurer) ran the numbers and found out that we would run out of scholarship funds in 6 years even if we kept it at a $500 scholarship. Ergo, it was decided to leave it at $500 at this time with further discussion about it during future meetings. To extend the life of the scholarship, Jeremy Martin (president) gave the idea of transferring profit from the High Plains Conference in the future. As for the excess money in the general fund, a suggestion of sending someone to the NWA or AMS conference in the future was discussed. An e-mail will be sent out at a later time to vote if this is what the Chapter wants to do.

Next there was a discussion on the 20th High Plains Chapter Conference in Hastings, NE next year. The Hastings office will be conducting a meeting next week on who will be working on the Conference Committee. The head of the NWS, Dr. Louis Uccellini has been invited to join the conference next year and has already placed the date in his calendar. Chris Strager, Central Region Director, is also hoping to once again join.

Last, a presentation was given by Brandon Thorne, a newly hired intern at the North Platte Office. His previous employment was at Weather Nation in Colorado. It consisted of what he did at this job as well as how Weather Nation works with the NWS. The meeting then came to a close around 1230pm. The next High Plains Chapter meeting is expected to be either later this year or the early part of next year.
~Wesley Hovorka

Interested in attending our next meeting? Contact us today! Email HPChapterAMSNWA@gmail.com